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Homesteader Chit Chat #4

Welcome back to another installment of Homesteader Chit Chat! Today we have the privledge of talking with Kristi from The Mind to Homestead.  She's jut a hop, skip and

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Simply Wellness

melaleuca feature

Melaleuca – A Medicine Chest In A Bottle

There is a wide variety of uses for Melaleuca or Tea Tree oil, it's like having a very small Medicine Chest in a bottle! Tea tree oil is steam distilled from the

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Simply Herbal

Mentha × piperita, also known as M. balsamea Willd

Got Heartburn…drink tea!

Do you suffer from heartburn? I surely do, at least lately. I am sure it's partly my fault; the food I am eating or the drink I am drinking. But it is also something we

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Simply Prepping

pantry primer collage

The Pantry Primer: Maintaining The One Year Stockpile

Contributing Author; Daisy from The Organic Prepper is back again with another great article about Pantry Prepping! Maintaining the One Year Stockpile After 3

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Simply Gardening

Soil Health

Learn About Health From Your Garden

Healthy Plants don't get disease. The same goes for the Human Body. Healthy soil feeds the plants. Just like the body, if the plants get the right nutrients, they will be

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Simply Food

salsa tomato feature

Sassy Salsa

I just love me some good salsa, don't you?  Especially when I can get my hands on fresh, ripe tomatoes...especially heirloom.  Our farmers market close by my house had

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What Is Simply Living Simply?

Simple living, less complicated and not a giant to-do list - that's the Simply Living Simply way. I do admire those that can do everything 100 % from scratch, but that's just not for us, that's where the semi-homemade part comes in. We’ve discovered that taking care of ourselves and our family includes wholesome, natural & organic foods, clean living, being self-sufficient & frugal in all we do. As we journey towards our homesteading goal, we aim to grow in these areas, that’s our Simply Living Simply Semi-Homemade Homesteading way! Won't you come along with us?!