An Essential Oil Birthday: Day 5

So I had a crazy idea for my birthday this month!

Since I love essential oils so much…

And I love all of you so much…

What if I gave YOU Essential Oily gifts??

I like that!  It makes me HAPPY!

So WELCOME to 5 days of 5 Essential Oily gifts!!  

Every day for the next 5 days I will write a post on an idea or topic involving the FREE GIFT of the day.  All you need to do to enter the drawing for the Giveaway is answer my question, which will be at the end of each post, in the comments below.  Your comment enters you into the GIVEAWAY!

Ready to get started?

Let the giving commence…

Today I am giving away a Aromafier Diffuser!  I love this diffuser.  I have it right by my computer and it fills the air with peace, or focus or energizing blends all day long while I work.  I can also take this amazing little diffuser with me in the car, or in the kitchen or in my exercise space…did I mention it is portable?  

And colors!!  This little gem comes in Purple, Orange or Lime Green…and the color choice is YOURS!!


Here are some fun diffuser recipes for you:

for more info read my article on diffusing HERE

Giveaway drawing time!

(All winners of ALL giveaways will be drawn and announced ON my birthday…March 25th!)

Comment below to enter the GIVEAWAY for 1 Aromafier Diffuser (your choice of color)

Q: What color will you choose and why??  What diffuser blend will you try first and why?

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  1. I would pick purple because it would look nice on my computer desk. I would try Stop Thinking and Sleep blend because that is the major problem I have with sleeping–can’t turn my brain off.
    Happy Birthday and thanks for all the different giveaways.

  2. I would pick purple and I would try stop thinking or relax

  3. I would pick purple and I would diffuse Stress-be-gone because I have A LOT of stress in my life right now as I am taking care of my elderly father.

  4. Thx so much for the chart of diffusing combos. I would choose purple…always has been my favorite color and the focus/energy blend will be my choice…tax time figuring come up… And happy birthday!

  5. I would pick purple and i woud try Stress Be Gone since I am new to dialysis 3x a week and need to try to relax during treatments. Happy Birthday to you!

  6. I would pick purple because it’s my moms favorite color and i would give this to her she is in need of it. Had been having a lot of problems and i want her better. The oil i would use would be good buy germs.

  7. I would pick purple….my favorite color. I’d try one for sleep since that’s my main issue!

  8. I realize i am alittle late for this, but i came across it looking for DIY projects and blends. Thank you very much for the idea’s, i love them. My question to you is, do they still have these little diffusers around? they are perfect like you said sitting next to the computer.


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