Herbal Remedies

Welcome to Herbal Remedies: Common Ailments Series

As Homesteaders, Preppers and people that just want to eat and feel right….we have learned that “Whole” foods are best for us.  If we nod our heads in agreement with that statement, then why do we continue to use man-made chemical pills, syrups and drugs when we get sick?

 The best course of action in my opinion would be the “whole” route…granted the road less traveled, but getting busier everyday!

Our bodies were created to break-down, metabolize and use effectively whole foods, plants, spices and the like….so, here are the articles in our Herbal Remedies: Common Ailments series…..let’s “Go Herbal!”


Herbal Remedies: Common Ailments





Lung Congestion

Colds & Flu

Sore Throat & Coughs

Lung Illnesses

Heartburn & Indigestion


Bladder Infections

Sinus Congestion