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Do you have a Website, Blog or Social Media Presence? 

If you need a little sprucing up, or a total re-design, Kat’s Kreations can help you achieve your new look while maintaining the look and feel of your brand.  

Kat’s Kreations specializes in pretty, country, cottage, vintage, farm-y, shabby-chic looks and would love to help you achieve what you envision for your Website, Blog or Social Media presence.



 1.  Research and gather information pertaining to your brand, and the design that you are requesting

2.  Create and design proofs to be submitted to you

3.  Incorporate your ideas and requests into your project while maintaining your brands theme

4.  Submit to you final proofs for approval

5.  Deliver to you during the alloted time your requested graphics

BONUS:  You will also receive BLANK graphic templates that you can modify in the future

EXTRA BONUS: I will also modify your graphics (**limited) for you 1X at not additional cost

**Limited: Changing a price, changing a title, inserting a new product etc…



Text and Graphic Banner/Header Design: x 3 initial versions, up to 3 rounds of revisions, choose 1 (i.e. based upon approximately 5 hours) – $50

Sidebar Graphics:  x 3 initial versions, up to 3 rounds of revisions, choose 1 (i.e. based upon approximately 5 hours) – $50

Store or Affiliate Ads: x 3 initial versions, up to 3 rounds of revisions, choose 1 (i.e. based upon approximately 5 hours) – $50



Facebook Banner – 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels, Icon Design (i.e. based upon approximately 3 hours) – $30

Twitter Icon – 80 pixels x 80 pixels square, Header Banner – 1200 × 600 pixels (resizes to 520 pixels x 220) landscape, profile background. (i.e. based upon approximately 3 hours) $30

Social Media Buttons Your choice of size, shape, color. Up to 5: $10 6 and above: $20


This guide is for anyone starting a new project, this is suggested before we start the design process. Always give as much information as you can that will help me understand your design vision.


Project title: Please state what your design needs are, ie; Header, Social Button etc…

Your industry: The industry of your company I am designing for eg. homesteading, blog, prepper, etc…

Your product/Service niche: The main product or service you are offering and what makes it stand out from your competitors.

Deadline for delivery: Please state a realistic time frame for me to complete your project, and let me know if you are flexible.

Background that has led to this design brief: Any background information that you think will help me understand your business and its needs.  Why did you start this business? What are your business goals and how will these designs help you achive them?

Who is your target market: Who are you aiming to appeal to? Female, male, young, old..ect.

What are the NON NEGOTIABLE elements of the design? Are there any elements that are non negotiable? This could be a colour, wording, symbol, image ect you must.must not have in the design.

Specifications of items required: Sizing for any items such as sidebar and dimensions, header dimensions, social buttons size and dimensions

What is your unique selling position: What makes your company stand out from your competitors?

Please describe any limitations of the project: Include anything you dont want, or dont like. I need to know everything to do my best to meet your expectations.

Project expectations/desired outcomes: Be as specific as you can about your expectations of the final design. Are you open to suggestion or do you have a clear vision of what you want?

Links to sites that you like the look of and why it is relevant to the brief: Please list links to any sites that are relevant to your project, and write what you like about them, this could be colour, style, the layout ect.

Preferred Colours: Please list any colours you would like in your designs. 

Link to Pinterest board/s of visual references: This is VERY important. We must have a visual board to get started on your project. 

Desired Fonts: Please indicate fonts used that are theme/brand specific to your site.

Don’t find a listing for a specific graphic design project you have in mind?  I would love to speak with you regarding your ideas.  Custom Graphics would be charged per hour at the going rate of $15 US dollars.  Please use the contact form to request a quote on Custom Graphics Design.


Please include all of the above info as well as any additional information that you feel would be relevant for the design process.  You can include all info in the contact form below:





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