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 Simply Living Simply is a PR friendly Website/Blog that accepts advertising for other sites/products or services on a limited basis, I also do product reviews for compensation.

Advertisement Spaces

Why advertise with Simply Living Simply? We’re SIMPLY the best!  We give you simple rates with a SIMPLE BONUS——->

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 There is space on my blog for above-the-fold ads in the sidebar for this specified size:

 ◦125 X 125 pixel square ad– $20 per month or SPECIAL: $50 FOR 3 MONTHS PRE-PAID.

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200 pixel by 200 – $25.00 per month or SPECIAL: $65.00 FOR 3 MONTHS PRE-PAID.

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125 pixel by 250 – $30 per month or SPECIAL: $80 FOR 3 MONTHS PRE-PAID.

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Graphics are supplied by the advertiser.  Paypal or personal check are my preferred payment methods.  Please contact me for availability options.

The products/services/topics that are encouraged on this site are:

Homesteading, Prepping

Herbal Medicine

Essential Oils




Health & Wellness

Crock Pot recipes

DIY or MYO craft projects

I would love to discuss ways that we may work together to spread the word about your relevant product or service.  Please contact me for details.


Product Reviews

If you have a product you would like me to review here @ Simply Living Simply, please email to discuss terms and rates.

I prefer to couple a review with a giveaway (where the winner is chosen at random). In this way, I can build reader excitement and enthusiasm.

 Obviously, the product must be something that I would personally endorse; otherwise, I won’t review it on this site. All compensated reviews will be clearly indicated with a disclosure within the post and will be my honest opinion.


More About Simply Living Simply

 Demographic information about my readership, statistics & traffic are available to companies or individuals seeking to arrange a review/giveaway or seeking to advertise on Simply Living Simply.


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