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A Picture IS worth a thousand words 

 I love to learn, and that means reading books…taking classes or courses when time & finances permit, and it also means watching videos that showcase others in the Homesteading community that have a lot of wisdom and experience to share.

At Simply Living Simply, one of my goals is to share knowledge in a format that enables us all to learn.  And some people (including myself) learn by watching , THEN doing! So, please enjoy this selection of  Videos, check back often to see what new videos have been added! Enjoy!


Gardening Videos

Preparing Your Garden for Winter


How to Save Your Own Seed from Tomatoes, Peppers & Beans


Extending the Growing Season


Fall Garden


Fall Vegetable Garden Planning


Growing Greens Indoors During Winter


Cold Frame Gardening



Canning Videos

How to Can


Preparing & Canning Garden Soup


Canning Green Beans


How to Make Pickles


Cooking Videos

Beer Braised Venison with Turnips, Carrots and Onions


Chili Con Carne


Cleaning & Cooking Collards


Cooking with Essential Oils: Black Bean Burgers



Cooking with Essential Oils: Lemon Basil Chicken and Rice


Cooking with Essential Oils:  Speghetti Sauce


Prepping Videos

Survival Basic Series #1


Survival Basic Series #2


Bug Out Bag 101: What Gear, Food, Shelter and Water Purification you Need in Your Survival Bag


15 Every Day Carry Survival Items You Should Have On You as a Prepper


How to Build A Get Home Bag, A Prepper and Survival Must Have in case SHTF “Small Bug Out Bag”


Homesteading Videos

How to Milk a Goat


Handmade Nails or Spikes


How to Cook Chicken Breasts in the All American Sun Oven



Essential Oil Videos

doTERRA: Gift of the Earth


Who Controls Your Health?


Empowering You to be Ready for Anything


Behind the scenes peek at sourcing doTERRA Lemongrass Essential Oil


The Delicate Process of Sourcing doTERRA Jasmine Essential Oil


Doterra Hawaiian Sandalwood



Herbal Medicine for the Woodsman (and everyone else too!) Part 1


Herbal Medicine for the Woodsman Part 2


Herbal Medicine for the Woodsman Part 3