More Than Just a Store-a Mindset

Modern Homesteaders General Store

“More than just a store-a mindset”!

Modern Homesteaders General Store

The General Store

General Store

If we’d been living 200 years ago, we would have lived in a very different time period and type of town.  Not only would our lives be different, but how we lived them, would as well. 

Take for instance the General Store.  The General Store was generally in the center of town, the “Hub”, the Post Office, the Library (so to speak), the Mercantile, the Grocer, the Gathering spot and also logistically it was usually in the center of town too.


The “Hub” of the town, the General Store.


In Anytown, USA…You knew exactly where your precious money that you had worked extremely hard for was going when you purchased a yard of fabric or a sack of flour or a bag of seeds to plant in your field.  Because most often than not the General Store also bartered, swapped and traded.  You might be lucky enough to have a flock of chickens that consistently produced wonderful eggs…which you would trade or barter for bacon, sugar and lard.    Your eggs would in turn be sold by the General Store to the next neighbor who had the money to buy them, but nothing to trade.  This give and take, coming full circle was a way for neighbors, townsfolk and whole communities to take care of one another.

Food, dry goods, supplies.

 Quality was as much of supreme importance back then, as it is now.  However 200 years ago, it was a given that an item would be of high quality.  People were more apt to take their time in making an item to sell…to take pride in their work…it was a reflection on them…almost like giving someone your “word”.  Your word was gold. 


Buying fabric, notions or a dress.

See, Betty who didn’t know how to sew and didn’t own a sewing machine (they were too poor), fancied a really pretty Apron at the General Store.  It was her favorite color, all frills and blue!  She had admired it for awhile, checking the seams which were nice and tight and the fabric was pretty yet durable.  It would hold up under her cooking adventures and many washings.  Plus…she knew who handcrafted them…Suzy did, who lived down the road from her.  She knew Suzy to be an honest and hard working person who did an honest days hard work every day.  So Betty didn’t mind parting with her saved up “pin” money for the apron.  It was an investment.  In an item that would serve her well AND in Suzy, and ultimately in the town at large!

Sewing by hand.

Old Singer Sewing Machine.

Nettie Boyd, Hat Maker

Fast Forward 200 Years

Let’s fast forward…it’s the year 2013 and we now live in a society that doesn’t promote community, isn’t self-reliant or as self-sufficient anymore.

What we see today is bigger government, more control, more laws & regulations, more big business and cheap/cheaply made goods.  Those goods are usually made over-seas by “slave” labor or countries where everything is cheap.  Items used in the manufacturing of a particular product may or may not be of high quality, may not be made with integrity or pride of workmanship.  And ultimately, do we really know where our hard earned nickel goes at the end of the day??  Quick response is, to the corporation that owns the product we bought…say the big end department store-which in part is true.  But let’s pause and think for a moment, did any of the money filter down to the “slave” labor that actually assembled it in a foreign country?  If so, how much?  And does that sit well with you?


Canned Goods.

 In the 21st Century, our “towns” … our “communities”, have expanded.  We are global and we reach from one end of the world to the next…thanks to technology!  We also are a more informed generation than our ancestors, if we but read the labels…pay attention to the fine print…and watch/listen to the changing times of our government, our country, our communities.

 Part of paying attention is thinking further than the price tag of an item.  For instance, you need a new shirt.  Where do you go first to find one, the big chain department store or the thrift store?  If nothing is in your size or available at the thrift store…how about the local store in your community?  Next, do you look for natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, or rayon?  Synthetics are made from petroleum, knowing that would you want your hard earned dollar going into that pocket?

Cash register – money till.


Do you read the labels in the grocery store?  Do you buy organic?  Purchasing organic would put money in the pockets of the local farmers.  Reading the labels in the stores and only purchasing non-GMO foods would send a message to others telling them that we do NOT want this in our stores, in our homes or our country!


General Store, Post Office, Gas Station.

 Yes, it’s easy to go to the corner market for that loaf of bread.  Or to take a trip to the giant mega super store and do our monthly shopping.  Do we save money?  Yes, actually we do.  But to what end?  This is where I would like to bring up the idea of Pioneer Thinking.


Modern Homesteaders General Store

Pioneer Thinking in a Forward World

Sunday Morning at the General Store.

 Modern Homesteader’s has a dream…a passion…a goal.  To re-awaken the Pioneer Spirit…to be YOUR neighborhood General Store!

 Modern Homesteader’s wants to be your “Hub”, your go-to-store, “that place” that has what you want-and why you want it.  By providing a venue for Small Business Hand-crafters and consumers alike, Modern Homesteader’s will be able to pursue their non-profit status enabling them to fulfill their dream and goal of providing each neighborhood, community, city & state with local support, encouragement, neighborly help and in the process…quality, made in the USA goods.


Modern Homesteader’s commitment to you:


  • The Small Business Hand-crafters will individually hand-craft their products, all organic when possible and yes…made in the USA.
  • You know you will be buying a product that has pride of craftsmanship, with a guarantee from both the craftsman and the store behind each and every item.
  • Your hard earned money goes to the Small Business Hand-crafter with a small percentage put back into Modern Homesteaders for overhead expenses and a larger percentage of that same share put into the non-profit fund. 
  • What is the money used for you might ask (as you should)?  The money will be funneled into the various Modern Homesteader’s networking state chapters, currently we have 20 and are growing everyday!  Our local chapters will be able to more fully impact the local communities, neighborhoods, families and farms.


“Pioneer Thinking” defined:

As I am making a purchasing choice, I ask myself…if I were living 200 years ago, what would I choose, why would I choose it and does this purchase ultimately invest in another person, neighborhood or community?


Go Shopping!

Times have changed, and yet they haven’t!  Deep down, at the foundation of who we are…we all want a good deal.  Now using Pioneer Thinking, decisions can be a good deal for all.  Stop by Modern Homesteader’s General Store today…browse around, by a gift for a family member or neighbor…or YOURSELF!  Don’t find what you are looking for? Shoot them an email, talk to them about your wants and needs.  Items will be added as new Small Business Hand-crafters join the store!  And with a unique store like Modern Homesteaders General Store spotlighting, promoting and encouraging Small Business Hand-crafters-you are sure to have an ever evolving and growing selection in the future!

General Stores – a family affair!


Isn’t it good to know where your money is going?  That by making Pioneer Thinking purchasing choices we are enabling Small Business Hand-crafters to continue to provide responsibly and in a self sufficient manner for their families.  It enables Modern Homesteaders State Branches to reach out and help neighborhoods, communities and farms….and who knows…maybe one day that farm will be YOU!

 Excuse me now, I MUST go shopping….

 Blessings to you and yours,

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