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 THE dōTERRA’s® collection of essential oils represent the finest aromatic extracts available in the world today.

Each oil provides the living essence of its source botanical, gently distilled from plants that are nurtured and carefully harvested throughout the world. Each oil is 100% natural and passes strict standards of purity and potency. A beautiful palette of botanical energies, they can be used individually or blended for personalized essential oil therapies.

Essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Modern trends toward more holistic approaches to self care and growing scientific validation of alternative health practices are driving a rediscovery of the profound health benefits of essential oils. Many have powerful cleansing properties and are naturally antimicrobial. Their unique chemical structure allows them to pass directly through the skin for immediate systemic response to topical application. Certain oils may be used as dietary aids to promote vitality and well-being.

Essential oils are used for a very wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used singly or in complex blends depending on desired benefit. Essential oils are usually used by one of three methods: diffused aromatically, applied topically to the skin, or taken internally as dietary supplements.

Using essential oils can be both profoundly simple and life changing at the same time. Essential oils are naturally safe and have few, if any, undesirable side effects when used as directed. They are, however, powerfully concentrated and should be used with care. Be sure to use only 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and follow all label warnings and instructions.

Essential oils should never be used in the eyes or inside the ear canal. If redness or irritation occurs when using essential oils topically, simply apply a vegetable oil such as fractionated coconut oil to the affected area—water will not dilute essential oils. Consult your physician before using essential oils if you are pregnant or under a doctor’s care. Look for the following symbols by the essential oil product descriptions in this product guide to help you with your oil selection. 

The Oil List: Single Oils


Arborvitae: Antiviral, anticancer, antifungal, etc.
Basil: Great for infections, healing, cooking, etc.
Bergamot: Colic, arthritis, stress, etc.
Birch: Cartilage, muscles, whiplash, etc
Black Pepper: Cooking, tobacco addiction, detoxifying, etc


Cardamom: Gas, diarrhea, asthma, etc.
Cassia: Cold, colic, diarrhea, etc.
Cedarwood: Tension, tuberculosis, UTIs, grounding, etc.
Chamomile, Roman: Skin issues, inflammation, insomnia, stress, etc.
Cilantro: Cooking, infections, insomnia, etc.
Cinnamon Bark: Great for infections, mold, and even low libido, and more
Clary Sage: Hot flashes, insomnia, hormone balancing, etc
Clove: Candida, detoxifying, tumors, etc.
Coriander: Muscular pain, cartilage damage, digestive, blackheads, etc.
Cypress: Bone spurs, carpal tunnel, varicose veins, etc.


Dill: Cholesterol, constipation, colic, gas, etc.
Eucalyptus: Coughs, asthma, circulation, cooling, etc.
Fennel (Sweet): Digestive issues, blood clots, lactation (increase), etc.
Fir, White: Frozen shoulder, sprains, empowerment, etc.
Frankincense: Alzheimer’s, auto-immune disorders, brain function, etc.


Geranium: Agitation, bruises, MRSA, jet lag, etc.
Ginger: Digestive issues, low libido, vertigo, etc.
Grapefruit: Sugar cravings, hangovers, weight loss, etc
Hawaiian Sandalwood: Alzheimer’s, cancer, cartilage repair, moles, etc
Helichrysum: Sunscreen, skin problems, cholesterol, etc
Jasmine: Supports hormonal and emotional balance.
Juniper Berry: Acne, eczema, diuretic, etc


Lavender: Universal oil. Perfect for burns, insomnia, stress, bug bites, etc.
Lemon: For increasing energy, digestion issues, cleaning, etc.
Lemongrass: Fleas, mental fatigue, UTIs, etc.
Lime: Cleans, detoxifies, energizes, etc.
Marjoram: Emotional healing, muscular support, croup, etc.
Melaleuca (Tea Tree): Best known for treating wounds, yeast, cleaning, etc.
Melissa (Lemon Balm): Calming, cold sores, viral infections, etc
Myrrh: Cancer, Hashimoto’s disease, wounds, etc.


Orange, Wild: Anxiety, digestion, menopause, etc.
Oregano: Powerful antibiotic, fight infections, increase immunity, etc.
Patchouli: Insect repellant, insect bites, skin issues, etc.
Peppermint: Wonderful for digestion, allergies, cooking, etc.


Roman Chamomile: Skin issues, inflammation, insomnia, stress, etc.
Rose: Aphrodisiac, poison ivy, self-acceptance, scarring, etc.
Rosemary: Alcoholism, respiratory issues, healthy hair, etc.
Sandalwood: Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, moles, etc.
Sandalwood, Hawaiian: Alzheimer’s, cancer, cartilage repair, etc
Spearmint: Supports digestive and emotional health. Antibacterial, anti-spasmodic, stimulant, and more.
Tangerine: Anxiety, digestion, immunity, cooking, etc.
Tea Tree (Melaleuca): Fights infections, lice, viruses, ringworm, etc.
Thyme: Infections, eczema, parasites, etc.


Vetiver: Calming (especially for ADHD), grounding, even a termite repellant!
White Fir: Frozen shoulder, sprains, empowering, etc.
Wild Orange: Anxiety, fear, digestion, menopause, etc.
Wintergreen: Bone spurs, joint issues, dandruff, etc.
Ylang Ylang: Self-love, healing, patience, etc.



The Oil List: Blends

The following list are blends offered by doTERRA. Click each link to learn more about the uses for essential oils & specialty blends:

Acne Blend: Clearing, protective, and cleansing, helpful to skin conditions from acne to eczema.

Anti-Aging Blend: Maintains and promotes skin health. Protective, hydrating and anti-inflammatory.

Bug Repellant Blend: More effective against insects than synthetic products, and lasts up to 6 hours!

Calming Blend: Promotes serenity; anti-anxiety, balancing for the emotions & mental processes.

Cellular Complex: Supports healthy cell function/regeneration, immunity, anti-oxidation of cells.

Cleansing Blend: Purifying, disinfecting, and cleansing for the body and home…like the name implies!

Detoxification Blend: Cleansing and supportive of healthy organs, tissues, and endocrine system.

Digestive Blend: Anti-inflammatory, soothing, and total zen for the belly.

Focus Blend: Get “in tune” with your life! Promote clarity, energy, calm and focus.

Grounding Blend: Balancing and harmonizing, promotes tranquility, and creates a sense of stability.

Immune Support Blend: Guards the immune system, detoxifies, cleans, and disinfects.

Invigorating Blend: Citrusy, antidepressant, blissful, stress-reducing, as well as disinfecting.

Joyful Blend: Elevating, uplifting, antidepressing, and relaxing.

Massage Blend: Relieve tension, soothe irritated skin, and increase circulation.

Metabolic Blend: Balance metabolism, slim the stomach, control cravings, and increase your self-love.

Monthly Blend For Women: Balancing to hormones and calms symptoms of PMS and menopause.

Muscle And Joint Blend: Deeply pain-relieving, soothing, highly anti-inflammatory.

Respiratory Blend: Breathe easy, soothe respiratory tissues, combat airborne bacteria, and more.

Tension Blend: Headache relieving, pain relieving, soothing, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic.

Women’s Blend: Beautiful, feminine, and balancing – a natural and safe perfume.




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