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I have to tell you all that Clary Sage is one of THE best things I have ever found!!!! I have slept ALL night every night for the past week and that is a first in more than 3 years. No more waking up every 2 hours and no more hotflashes!!     – Monica


My nightly “cocktail” used to include a 50mg Tramadol, a Midol, a Claratin-D, and Antacid (Tagament/Pepcid) and I am thrilled to tell you that I have taken none of these since I started using essential oils.  If pain pops up, I put a drop of oil where it hurts…If my sinuses act up I put a drop of oil on my feet and then inhale the aroma that is left on my hands…If my tummy acts up, I rub a drop of oil on abdomen.  For me, this is so much easier and cost effective than having a pharmacy in my medicine cabinet.     – Monica



I got a concussion in August 2013, and had horrible migraine headaches. I used peppermint oil, but didn’t realize JUST how effective it was until one day I was in another town at my Aunts and had to use Tylenol. It didn’t work! I suffered until I got home hours later, applied Peppermint neat to my temples and back of the neck. Within 15 minutes I was good to go! –Kate


My 5 year old daughter had a fever and I put peppermint essential oil on her feet and back of her neck.  I checked on her 15 minutes later and her fever was down.   –Nicole


For years I have suffered with chronic bronchitis. I had been sick for two months when I was introduced to the doTERRA Essential Oil Breathe.  After the third time using Breathe as an inhaler, I could literally feel my lungs open up and I was able to breathe without gasping for air.  I always felt like there was a huge weight on my chest and now it is gone. Since using  doTerra Breathe I have not suffered another bout of bronchitis!    –Bridget



We struggled for years with a myriad of issues that our adopted foster daughter had due to trauma and neglect in her birth home.  My essential oil journey began when I researched using them to help her, and after a year of trial and error we came up with an oil routine that has transformed her from a challenging personality into a calm, focused and pleasant part of our family. –Summer



Whenever I had a headache I would just pop a bunch of ibuprofen. Now I carry PastTense in my purse. Swipe across my forehead and in minutes the headache is gone. Bonus is no  tummy side effects or ulcers from so much ibuprofen.   – Katey


I have had postpartum depression that has started shortly after both of my boys were around the 8 month mark.  After my first son’s birth I had no idea what was ‘wrong’ with me.  It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my second that I realized what I was actually experiencing.  I hoped I would get through my second unscathed, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.  Since I have found doTERRA essential oils I have found ways to effectively manage my anxiety and overwhelmed feelings with Serenity and Balance.  I manage my hormones with the Clary Calm monthly womans blend and I am able to uplift my dreary moods with Citrus Bliss and most recently, Elevtion.  I am so thankful to have stummbled upon essential oils!    – Melissa



My husband had been struggling with referring MRSA infections for over a year when I found doTERRA oils.  By using a protocol we found on the everythingessential.me website,  he has not had an infection in over three months which is an improvement from before! So grateful that I found these oils!!    –Jodi



“I have to tell you all that Clary Sage is one of THE best things I have ever found!!!! I have slept ALL night every night for the past week and that is a first in more than 3 years. No more waking up every 2 hours and no more hotflashes!!”     – Monica



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“Just wanted to say that my daughter who had not slept all night for over 2 weeks (we walked, slept on couch and did the lay her back down every 15 mins but hours of crying ended with mom and dad defeated)- BUT I got my order and yesterday put diluted serenity on her back, neck and feet and laid her down at 8:30 AND she slept until 7:30 this morning peacefully !! YAY!!”     -Deanna  



 “Since I’ve been using the Clearskin roller blend, and the weekly-use of the invigorating scrub…my skin has never looked so good! I mean, not only have the blemishes reduced (dare I say hardly any at all in the last month), but my skin’s overall complexion and even-tone is astounding. I don’t wear a lot of makeup to begin with, but the winter months bring pale pasty skin that usually leaves me wanting to put on blush, bronzer, etc. I feel no urge to do that any more. My skin has a glow, it’s not oily or dry! And I love the scent of Clearskin. I’m just so happy with the effects! Had to share.”     -Dana, NJ



 “I have had eczema for most of my life and I have had to use prescription steroid creams to help keep it ‘under control’ I know that I have eczema because my body is allergic to gluten and pasteurized dairy. That is what eczema is… an allergic reaction (autoimmune deficiency) that shows up on the skin. My skin is also VERY sensitive to any synthetic perfumes (or otherwise) found in hand-soap, laundry soap and dish soap. I am a mom of two very active boys… I wash things a LOT! Since I have started using doTERRA EO’s I have found that using 5 drops of Roman Chamomile, 4 drops of Melaleuca, 3 drops Frankincense, 3 drops Helichrysum in 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil has helped my skin huge!! I don’t use my steroid cream anymore and I can apply this ‘eczema blend’ as often as I need to throughout the day. The prescription cream is said to be used sparingly only twice a day.”      -Melissa BC, Canada



 “For three days in a row I have had sinusitis, which is normal for me in the spring. It is incredibly painful, and literally nothing has ever helped. It usually goes away after a week or so. Anyway, I have been using peppermint under my tongue, and Digestzen on my ab, as is suggested in the ME book. It really took the pain away very well, and I was happy about that. This morning, however, when I got up the pain was really severe, so I added Melaleuca behind my ears. The pain, the pressure, everything is gone. It took about two minutes. Wow. Normally this would have cost me $45.00 copay to see my doc, $14.00 for the antibiotics (for which I’m sure I am developing a resistance), plus the time it takes to get an appointment and actually go, not to mention sitting in a crowded waiting room filled with so many other germs. What a relief! I’m just really amazed at the changes in our home now. And thankful.”        –Joan, AZ



 I have used essential oils with success on my infant since probably 2 months of age. Heavy dilution is suggested for babies or for those with sensitive skin. You can use olive oil or fractionated coconut oil which is preferred by some for being colorless, odorless, and non-greasy. doTERRA does sell fractionated coconut oil. So, what I use is DigestZen on her abdomen or the bottoms of her feet when she is having any stomach discomforts such as gas pains. I let her smell serenity when she is fighting going to sleep and it works so fast it’s humorous. I use lavender on her diaper rashes and it worked significantly better than the creams. I have used lavender on her gums as well for teething since it is an anti-inflammatory and is calming/soothing. I have also diffused lavender in her room at night time to help her from waking as much through the night. Other ways I use oils for Amie that are not necessarily placed on her is I diffuse OnGuard in the house when we are having guests over so that the air gets purified and I feel much better about sickness not getting passed around. I also clean with essential oils so I know her toys are not covered with toxins and chemicals that make up most cleaning products. When Amie is upset she has some favorite oils to smell that calm her right down- citrus bliss, balance, lavender, serenity, and bergamot. – Stephanie



I wanted to share my success story with bipolar. I’d been on antidepressants 17 years & mood stabilizers for 1 year before I was introduced to doTERRA. My bipolar was brought on when I had my 3rd child so fortunately I was only “crazy” for about 2 years (too long). I’m now 2 years completely MED FREE thanks to these amazing products. – Ashlee

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I am pretty sure I would have DIED yesterday after my first day of lawn cleaning if it werent for 3 things. Deep Blue, HOT baths and ice packs! My arms hurt so bad yesterday after raking from 8am to 4pm, but after a hot bath, appliyng deep blue and using ice packs, I woke up today with a dull throb and was ready for day 2! Thank you so much for introducing me to essential oils, because icyhot never worked as well or as long as deep blue! -Karen



My daughter had three wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday afternoon an was complaining that the pain medicine wasn’t helping the pain. After consulting my niece who turned me on to essential oils she suggested lavender and meleluca. As soon as we put it on her jaw the throbbing stoped. She is now a believer that her mom isn’t crazy, essential oils really work! –Yalonda



All afternoon, and evening, I felt like every joint from the waist down was on fire and every attached muscle was spasming, it was bad enough that I would have willingly taken a morphine. I was almost in tears. I took a really warm bath with Clove, Eucalyptus, and Roman Chamomile oils. When I got out, my pain was minimal! I will never regret starting with DoTerra and never question the money spent on oils!-Beth



I’ve been using OnGuard everyday for almost a month now…. started out with thieves diffusing it in my house because of sicknesses so bad at christmas time. i breakout pretty consistantly with shingles… started feeling a breakout and put OnGuard on it and put on my feet more than just once a day. My breakout wasn’t as bad and no valtrex for me!!!! think the more i use OnGuard on my feet maybe no more breakouts for me since it is an antiviral!-Kimberly

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Last Monday, I took my 3 sick kids to the pediatrician. She said, ohhhhh, “they all have pretty bad ear infections. Where do you want me to call in the scripts?” I told her I wasnt sure where I was going so I would take the paper scripts. The next day I did put Ryan on the meds (because he has so many ear and nasal issues I didnt want to mess around with), but the twins I just used Basil essential oil and a chest rub I made (with eucalyptus, marjoram, lemon, breathe and peppermint). Fast forward to Friday, which was 4 days later….we went back to the pediatrician (so the twins could get their measles shot), and she said, “WOW, Megan. Your ears looks soooooo much better!” (Nicholas was better too). Then I confessed that I used Basil and not the antibiotics! She kinda gave me a “good job” but not in so many words. She did say that they both have a sinus thing still going on, so I made a blend of thyme and lemon and just applied it topically across their sinuses and chest and they are cleared up now! FUNNY THING: The twins are doing great, but Ryan, who is on the meds, took twice as long to get rid of symptoms and it is still lingering around.-Jennifer



1st x I used the oils I had a Bursitis attack in my shoulder. Ive always had to get shots that are both expensive & very painful. 2 months ago my friend told me to try Deep Blue. Since I was dreading the shot, & cost I decided to try it. So I went to a place that selss retail oils. I have to admit I was sceptical. ( I couldn’t lift my arm at all!) I applied as recommended & day 3 I was like hmm I can lift my arm, by the 4th day I was completely pain free!! Omg!! So now I use it for my back, shoulders neck anything or anytime I feel stiffness or ache from old injury!!  Im a oiler for life!! -Jacqueline



I have been able to lower my thyroid medication to half of what I was on a month ago (this took about a month, I weaned slowly). I have been using peppermint and lemongrass on my throat. I have had no symptoms. I have tried this before without the oils and I never got this far because I would feel like I was dying by day three. Body and joint pain, weight gain, and lethargy. But NO symptoms just by using that combo three times a day! I plan on getting off the stuff completely in the next two months! Doctors tell you it is impossible to come off thyroid meds. Well, HA HA HA!! I am doing it! -Stephanie



First success of the day started last night as I prepared for sleep (which doesn’t come easily to me). Balance in the diffuser set on one hour. Sleep sounds app running for 8 hours on mountain stream and low volume. relaxing oils of serenity and lavender. Extra blanket just for weight to feel like I was snuggling and warm. Alarm set for 6:30am. Fast asleep by 10 woke up one time in the night reset the diffuser for 30 minutes and fell back to sleep. Awakened on time feeling refreshed and excited about my day. Its been a long time since that has happened. This morning routine … oil pulling with olive oil and on guard; diffuser restarted after adding three drops of peppermint oil and nature sound app changed to rainforest and set for 8 hours. My granddaughter passed by my room and said its so relaxing in here. Yes. I am finally finding my formula for restfulness and healing.-Barbara



Had to share before I rushed off to the Vet – I am wearing my skinny jeans! Granted they are not that skinny but I couldn’t even get the zipper together last fall… I will try to be more diligent with the Slim and Sassy since that is only change I have made this month! Very occasional use in water, capsules and a few shakes a week. Also added LLV this month -Lisa


Purify oil success story..my husband got a cactus thorn stuck in his foot Saturday. Of course it broke off just below the skin level when I tried to remove it. I looked up what would be the best oil & purify was suggested then cover with a bandaid. Left it covered for 24 hours. I was prepared to do surgery on it but it literally jumped right out of his skin when I squeezed it just a little. Purify will be in my camper all summer. Amazing! -Susie


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