Breakfast of Champions

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Breakfast of Champions

When I think about breakfast, I don’t picture a sticky bun and coffee. Starting the day with that much sugar and caffeine would set me up for a huge sugar crash later in the day – and what homeschool Mom wants that?

Instead, I make sure I get a balance of veggies, protein, and starch for prolonged energy. Below are two of my favourite breakfast combos that come together in less than 20 minutes. And of course, since they contain ingredients such as goat cheese and bacon, they’re both are delicious! Super-powered Kale/Bacon/Shroom Polenta ~

* My husband loves this for dinner, too! So quick, easy and filling!


1 cup chopped kale

1/3 cup chopped red onion

1/2 cup mushrooms

1/2 cup sausage or bacon

1 cup organic Polenta

2 cups whole milk (raw/local if you can – it’s great for energy!!)

1 cup water

3 TBS grass-fed butter


* Cook polenta with all liquids and 2 TBS butter

* Meantime, melt 1 TBS butter in skillet, cook meat until about 1/2 cooked through

* Add onion, saute 2 minutes, add mushrooms, cook 5-7 minutes until browning

* Put chopped kale in pan, cook until wilted

** Top the polenta with the veggie and meat mixture as well as your choice of goat cheddar/other cheese & enjoy!

Kinda Paleo Potato Skillet!

* I say it’s Paleo because it’s got so much other great stuff in it in addition to the potatoes, which only make up part this dish. I usually top it with eggs and sauteed greens ~ also it should be noted that we do need some starch in our diets, and potatoes, when grown organically, are healthy!

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1 cup Organic shredded potatoes (the frozen kind – every once in a while, you need a quick yummy breakfast, eh?)

1/2 cup local pork sausage

1/3 cup chopped mushroom

1 small zucchini, chopped

1/3 cup chopped onion (I used green onion in this version)

Cook together in small amount of butter, turning occasionally

Top with ~ Arugula sauteed in coconut oil and sprinkled with high-quality salt, one poached/over-easy egg. Sometimes I add Romano cheese, too! Enjoy! I know I do icon wink Breakfast of Champions

So easy and so yummy! What do you cook for breakfast when you need it in a hurry?

Please visit Ariana at Truth Peace Love to read the original recipe and more!

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Ornamental Rule Lines in Different Design 2 150x44 Breakfast of Champions

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