3 Ways To Buy


Which way to purchase Essential Oils is your “Fit”?  

Which will benefit YOU and your family the most?

There are 3 ways to buy doTERRA Essential Oils and Wellness products:

1.  Retail (Good)

3.  Preferred Membership (Better)

3. Wholesale Wellness Advocate Account (Best)

Let’s look at all 3 so you can determine the best “Fit” 

buy retail

Do you just want to order a few oils or products from time to time throughout the year…but usually nothing over $50? Then purchasing RETAIL might be for you.

Retail ordering:

  • No setup or membership fee
  • Pay full price – no discounts or freebies
  • No access to customized Wellness Consults or Facebook support
  • No bonuses, freebies, or ability to get free product or free shipping

If retail is the right option for you Click HERE to visit my online doTERRA store.

 preferred member

Paying for anything at full price, well…just isn’t the best solution for a frequent oil user.  We work hard for our money, and we try to be good stewards of it.  But sometimes you just don’t want to start a business right now…you just want to buy a moderate amount of oils. If this is the case, doTERRA’s Preferred Membership may be for you. 

Preferred Membership:

  • One-time only $10 membership enrollment earns a 20% discount on all purchases!
  • Good fit if you’re ordering $50-100 a year
  • Access to your own online shopping cart to place your LRP orders!
  • You CAN use the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) to have recurring orders, you earn FREE Product of the month AND FREE product credits!
  • When placing an LRP order you earn FULL SHIPPING CREDITS!
  • You CAN upgrade to a Wholesale membership at any time for an additional $25!
  • Make sure you select Preferred Membership after clicking the link below.

If a Preferred Membership is a good fit for your needs, you can get a Preferred Membership here.


Do you have health concerns or lifestyle goals you’re ready to meet?  

Do you or will you use essential oils and other products regularly for you and your family?

Do you like freebies? Are you overcome with joy at the thought of free shipping?

Would you like to earn extra income or even replace income?

Then purchasing with our Wholesale Wellness Advocate account is perfect for you. This option is like a personal wholesale membership (think Costco), but with a lot of extra’s thrown in! 

The Wholesale Wellness Advocate account:

  • Your choice of several enrollment kits to start your oil journey, that will suit your families needs-you can see all available kits HERE. OR you can join by paying the $35 membership fee (still cheaper than Costco!) and order oils of your choice or even at a later time.
  • A minimum of 25% discount on ALL products, and up to 55% off after 1 year!
  • NEVER any obligation or expectation to buy or sell
  • Easy online access to the optional Loyalty Reward Program (think shopping cart), FREE Product of the month!
  • Your own online website to share with curious friends and family and to place your own LRP orders.
  • Free Wellness Consults to help you learn how to use your oils effectively.
  • 24/7 team support in our private Facebook group, plus team resources and classes to help you learn
  • Great for health goals, large or extended families, or anyone ordering more than $100 a year
  • The option to share doTERRA and get your products paid for, or even supplement or replace your income doing something you love
  • Only $25 to renew each year and comes with a FREE bottle of peppermint oil! (a $20.00 value, making your renewal fee $5)
  • When you order your LRP online, your shipping is free…you earn FREE shipping credits!

YES, click HERE to buy at wholesale prices



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