Semi-Handmade Christmas Giveaway Final Day

christmas giveaway fnal day Semi Handmade Christmas Giveaway Final Day

This is the LAST day of A Semi-Homemade Christmas GIVEAWAY!

In honor of Christmas and my new found commitment to handmade this year….. I have a GIVEAWAY for you!

Melissa from Pioneering Today is offering her wonderfully amazing and inspiring E-book

“A Handmade Christmas” E-book

In Pioneering Today-A Homemade Christmas, author Melissa K. Norris, shares how to get back to the true meaning of Christmas, tips for homemade baked goods when you’re stretched for time, homemade affordable gifts people will use and like, and how to give the gift of yourself to your loved ones with special planned activities. With over 36 recipes, homemade gift ideas and decor, you’ll experience a simple Christmas with the joy the season was intended.


melissa handmade xmas Semi Handmade Christmas Giveaway Final Day

 Sneak Peak inside “A Homemade Christmas” in Melissa’s words:

Section One: Homemade Food Goodies

One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is the food. Certain recipes I only make during the holidays. Though I really should change this, good food should be enjoyed all year long, regardless of the season.
Many of the recipes have special meaning to me. I don’t know about you, but opening up my recipe book is like going through a scrap book. Handwritten script from my grandmother…

Section Two: Homemade Gift Ideas & Tutorials

When I think about some of my most treasured possessions, it’s not the most expensive item I own. My favorite gifts have been ones that are homemade or have a special meaning. My mother gave me my great-great-grandmother’s cookbook.  The retail price inside is one dollar and fifty cents.  But to see my great-great-grandmother’s name scrawled across the inside page in my great-grandmother’s writing…

Section Three: Homemade Decorations

I love the sparkle of Christmas. The way lights twinkle on the tree, the welcoming cheery ornaments, and red bows holding secret gifts.  I enjoy planning the perfect gifts for my husband and kids. Throughout the year, I try to remember the little things they mention, and then…

Section 4- Gifts of Yourself

There are a few other traditions I’d like to have you think about and that is the gift of your time. If there is one thing we seem to be short on in this society, it’s time.  But I believe there is no gift more precious than time spent with your loved ones.  


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 I will be contributing a “Semi-Handmade Christmas Goodie Basket”

An adorable Jingle Bell basket filled with crocheted coasters, potholder, homemade Vanilla Extract and Kat’s Herbal Tea (Berry Beautiful) with Heart diffuser.

xmas gift giveaway final Semi Handmade Christmas Giveaway Final Day

Here is one more DIY Christmas Gift Idea: 

salt scrub3 Semi Handmade Christmas Giveaway Final Day

Rosemary Salt Scrub

Rosemary Salt Scrub

Scrubs are so important to use, and so amazing to use!  They help to exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin which causes us to feel all dry, parched and irritated.  Scrubs also leave us with baby, soft skin!

Here is a simple, easy, fun, fast and wonderful gift to give!


Canning jar (your choice in size but I LOVE the small 4 oz. – perfect for scrubs and lotions)

Dead Sea Salt (OR in a pinch you could use Epsom salts)

Dried Rosemary (feel free to crush the needles up more, I like them more chunky)

Rosemary Essential Oil

Coconut Oil (almond or olive would be good too, or oil of your choice)



salt scrub2 300x224 Semi Handmade Christmas Giveaway Final Day

1.  Add Salt to your bowl

2.  Add crushed/chopped up Rosemary needles

3. Add Rosemary Essential Oil to your liking – I like it strong, I use 5-10 drops

4.  Mix

5.  Add 1-2 tsp melted Coconut Oil

6. Mix until thoroughly combined…you will know, it changes texture.

7.  Fill jars, seal and enjoy or GIFT!


christmas divider 300x113 Semi Handmade Christmas Giveaway Final Day


We hope that this Giveaway has inspired you this Christmas to make your Christmas a Handmade one!



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Ornamental Rule Lines in Different Design 2 150x44 Semi Handmade Christmas Giveaway Final Day

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