Plant a Tree

Perfect Fall Fun Chore…Plant a tree!


The perfect time of year to plant a new tree is FALL!  They like the cooler weather and those cooler temps allow them to get their roots all settled in before the winds of winter, the downpours of spring and the baking sun of summer come.


Grab some friends and have FUN!


3 Tips to get your tree off to a great start:

Make a Hole:  With a shovel or tree spade, dig a hole the depth of the tree’s root ball and twice the diameter of the pot.  Gently lift the tree out of the container.  Loosen or cut off any matted roots at the bottom.

Set The Tree In:  Place the root ball in the hole, making sure the tree trunk is straight.  The top of the root ball should be at or slightly above ground level.  Back fill with the original soil; firm it by hand as you go to eliminate air pockets.

Give It A Good Drink:  Make a reservoir with a ring of raised soil on the outside edge of the hole — water every few days until the leaves have dropped.  Spread 2-3 inches of wood or leaf mulch around the trunk. (Keep the mulch off of the trunk itself)


Now lets take a look at a pro in action:




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