A Prep Necessity: Water!


Stocking up on Water

Why should you stock up on water? If an emergency or natural disaster strikes, water is one of the most essential items you must have. We don’t realize how much water we use or need to survive. And in instances where we have emergencies or natural disasters they sometimes leave our water source compromised. We may be able to survive weeks without food but we would only last a few days without water.

 Uncertain Water Availability

Even if we ration our water intake we would still have to consume 1 gallon of water a day to replenish our bodies from normal exertion. A minimal water intake would consists of 120 gallons of water for a family of four to survive for 1 month. Basic use of water for us consists of sanitation, hygiene, and drinking. These three basic needs constitute a minimum of 50 liters per day per person. With the the basic needs of water a family of four would need 1560 gallons of water to survive for 1 month. But who is to say you will always be able to find and store that amount of clean water if a natural disaster or emergency strikes?

We rely on energized pumps supplied by water distribution systems to give us our “never ending” supply of water(or so we think). Sometimes when emergencies or natural disasters strike, they leave our glasses empty. What are we to do then? We need to learn how to harvest our own water if the need arises. How do we do this? We have to rely on nature.

Yielding Rain

In order to become water self-sufficient we need to harvest and store rain water. To do so we need storage tanks with sufficient capacity connected to our homes gutter systems to collect the rain water. Providing that where we live has regular rainfall this will provide us with enough water to satisfy our un-purified water needs. We will have to use our own judgment to decide how much storage we will need in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. Water can be stored in just about anything from 1 gallon water jugs to hard side metal or plastic tanks even more convenient and less expensive collapsible tanks. The best solution is the collapsible tanks which are made of very tough plastics which meet the Food and Drug Administration requirements for storing water.

Redeeming Rain

 Even though the rain water we have stored may be clear and seem safe, it still needs to be purified to be able to drink it, due to pollutants that take up residency on our rooftops and in our gutters. The best way to purify our rain water is to use a purifier that removes sediment, chemicals and pathogenic detritus as well as kills pathogens. An adequate water purifier would execute both pre and post-filters as well as a high-intensity ultraviolet germicidal lamp. Said purifiers must have a bacterial kill rate of 99.99+% including in that kill rate cysts and microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoa. This water purifier must also be able to run without an electric source as well as turn water from any source into drinking water.

Become Water Self Sufficient

Now that you have taken all preparations for surviving emergencies or natural disasters with food, weapons, tools, and first aid kits, make sure you have acquired the most vital survival essential: Water!

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