Are You a Serious Baker?

Do you love trying new cake and cookie recipes? Do you need or want to reduce sugar or fat in your cooking? If you would like to be able to try new recipes when you find them without having to run out to the supermarket for supplies, you need to put some thought into keeping […]

M.Y.O. – How to Save Tomato Seeds

  When saving tomato seeds from this year’s harvest for next year’s, you’ll find best results with heirloom tomatoes rather than hybrids (hybrids are typically the ones you purchase in grocery stores and regular greenhouse seedlings). Once you make your initial purchase of heirlooms, you’ll be able to do this year after year. Farmers markets […]

Tip of the Week!

I have a number of Tips for you this week! Tip #1: Save your veggie scraps… Tip #2: Make Stock – plus a recipe!     We all know that homemade ANYTHING is better for us, right?  So we make our soups, stews and stocks from scratch. Have you ever stopped to think how many […]

Controlling Insects Naturally the Organic Way

  Most gardeners are anxious to get out into their gardens as soon as the weather warms up and the first green sprout appears. Unfortunately, plant-eating insects are just as anxious as we are to get into the garden. They seem to think that our beautiful shrubs and tasty vegetables were planted for their benefit! […]

9 Common Causes of Fatigue

Despite it affecting just about everyone at some time or another, fatigue can signal a potentially serious problem. Its universal prevalence often results in both sufferers and attending healthcare professionals to ignore its presence. However, familiarity with the following nine common causes may help indicate when this symptom should be carefully analyzed.   What’s Normal? As […]

Herbal Remedies-Depression

Depression   Been feeling down in the dumps lately?  Maybe for awhile?  You might be suffering from depression.  One of North America’s most common ailments.  While mood swings are a normal part of life, chronic depression is a serious disorder that limits the quality of life and suppresses the immune system.   Characterized by feelings […]

10 Healthy Foods to Buy Organic

  There are some key aspects of foods’ nutrition and healthfulness to consider when choosing healing foods – we want ones that are high in supportive nutrients and that are clear of toxic chemicals. Consuming foods as they are grown from Nature is where to begin – fresh fruits, wholesome vegetables, hearty whole grains, lively […]

New E-book Bundle of the Week-Homemaking!

Every Monday I will bring you the E-book Bundle of the Week, filled with wonderful books that help us all to live a more organized, prepared, self-sufficient, organic and healthy lifestyle….on the cheap! How great is that?!!   A little organization and pre-planning goes a long way when you’re managing a home, and this week’s […]

M.Y.O. – Weathered Pots

  Here’s all it takes to create these Weathered Pots yourself: Materials: Terra Cotta pots (new or old) in various sizes spray paint and/or regular paint in the color of your choice inexpensive foam craft brushes sand paper steel wool candle   Here’s the How-To’s: 1. Start with clean, dry terra cotta pots.   2. […]

Tip of the Week!

What to do with Eggshells – Your Tip of the Week   Compost. You can compost egg shells, whether in a compost pile, compost bin, or vermiculture. What’s vermiculture? It’s using red worms to turn waste material into rich manure. Sprout seeds for your garden. A wee bit of potting soil will fill the inside of the egg shell, […]