Ahh-roma Touch Technique: Amazing!

aromatouch collage2 Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!

Do you need to put the ahhh back into life? Could you use just a few minutes of peace? Of a pain-free life?  I have experienced just the healing modality for you!

Aromatouch Technique…what is it?

 dōTERRA’s  ArōmaTouch Technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and contact points of the back and feet to help bring about balance to the various systems of the body.  This technique was developed by Dr. David Hill; a leading expert in intergrative medicine and therapeutic applications of essential oils.  The ArōmaTouch Technique improves well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy functions of the body.  Ths technique is simple and intuitive and uses dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils for one of the most amazing healing experiences possible.

Most of us encounter daily factors from both internally and externally that impact and influence our overall health and well being.  These disturbances can casue and imbalance in “homeostasis” or the natural balance of our body systems and health.  These challenges can cause our bodies to function at much less than optimal levels. 

The  ArōmaTouch Technique works to restore homeostasis and helps to minimize our daily internal and external challenges.  Four challenges that most often impair our ability to stay in a balanced state are:


 Emotional issues, career, family, finances, no sleep, etc…all elevate stress levels in our body.  Elevated stress maintained over a long period of time has been shown to cause negative problems in our health such as cardiovascular disease, depression, insomnia, ulcers and even some forms of cancer.  We also know that stress impacts our immune system in very bad ways.  Stress causes the body to increase its productin of serotonin, a nuerotransmitter in charge of vital nervous system functions.  Elevated serotonin levels  are harmful to the body’s immunity.  Elevated levels of Seratonin can destroy white blood cells, resulting in a weakened immune system.  Stress also causes increased levels of cortisol and epinephrine in the body…further weakening the immune response.


Our immune system is in charge of doing numerous things, in charge of a whole network of organs with a large variety of jobs and functions.  The normal functioning of this complex immune system can be hampered by a number of factors:



Medicial Interventions

Disease causing pathogens

Hormone or pesticide contaminated food products

Increasing levels of free-radical pollution

Overexposure to radiation


The inflammatory process occurs when body tissues are injured by bacteria, trauma, toxins, heat or any other cause.

The increase in foods with inflammatory components (foods such as vegetable oils and trans-fats) together with a high carbohydrate and low protein diet contribute to increased inflammation in the body.  Constant exposure to noxious chemicals and airborne irritants — even if it’s a low dose — makes your immune system crazy. Some people are naturally better detoxifiers and can withstand more exposure before they have symptoms. Others need more support. Learning as much as you can about the products you use, the buildings you live in and the water you drink is crucial to preventing or fighting inflammation.

Stress…has it’s accompanying side-kick cortisol.  Cortisol directly influences your insulin levels and metabolism. It also plays a role in chronic inflammation and your immune system. I’m sure you’ve seen this relationship in your own life: how many times have you worked endless hours only to go on vacation and get sick? Your body is good at keeping a lid on things, but it can’t do it forever. Coping with persistent stress takes a steady toll on your immune system, your adrenals, and your central nervous system.   With all the other factors contributing to inflammation, coping with stress and emotional pain is often overlooked — but it’s really important. And it can play a big part in restoring your immune system’s balance before it gets overloaded.

Autonomic Imbalance:

The purpose of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) is to help the body maintain a healthy balance regardless of the stress we experience.  It manages all the organs of the body, controls most of the immune system, regulates our hormone production as well as regulates our emotions.

When we are out too long under the hot sun, the ANS is responsible for us sweating to cool down, feeling thirst so we continue drinking and contracts our pupils so we can see clearly in the bright sunlight.

The ANS is not a single part of our brain but consists of a wide variety of brain areas that are interconnected.  It is very similar in design to computer chips and processors that are wired together on a computer circuit board.

The two main branches of the ANS, the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous systems, are constantly adjusting their input to maintain the body in as healthy a state as possible even in the face of stress such as chronic inflammation, lack of sleep or excessive stress.

ans balanced Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!

If the stress is extreme or persistent, the adjustments can result in a state of autonomic imbalance and begin to affect other systems within the body including the cardiovascular system, the intestinal tract and the bladder. This is, in part, the basis for the wide variety of symptoms (fatigue, headaches, heart burn, constipation and urinary difficulties) that often precede or are associated with many chronic diseases.

By the time a condition such as diabetes or hypertension have been diagnosed, the ANS has been out of balance for such a long time that the ANS may of suffered permanent damage.  Permanent damage to the ANS is known as autonomic neuropathy.

ans imbalanced Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!



  autonomic imbalance Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!

AromaTouch®Technique is Born:

DrHill 214x300 Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!

Dr. David K. Hill

This amazing healing technique was developed by Dr. David K. Hill; a leading expert on essential oils.  To develop this technique, Dr. Hill drew on his training as a physician, his experience using essential oils with patients and his understanding of essential oil science.  The technique was created to address 4 systemic constants: Stress, Toxic insult, Inflammatory Response, and Autonomic Imbalance.  Recongnizing that there are common factors at the foundation of illness in the body, the AromaTouch Technique was developed to manage these systemic constants and return the body to a state of balance.

Because essential oils contain many different healing properties, each oil used in theAromaTouch Technique has been selected specificaly for its indiviual therapeutic benefit and aroma.  The AromaTouch Technique addresses common negative factors that influence health andhelps the body return to a state of homeostasis or balance.


The AromaTouch Experience:

aromatouch 8 Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!

4 levels of healing


Stress Relief

The first 2 oils used during this segment of treatment is Balance and Lavender for their tremendous ability to help our bodies manage stress.

Balance 15ml 225x300 Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!        We all experience moments of disconnectedness or elevated levels of anxiety.  This superb blend, with it’s warm and woody aroma create a sense of well-being through its calming action on the central nervous system by promoting a feeling of tranquility and crating a sense of balance in multiple body systems.  





Lavender 15ml 225x300 Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!     Lavender has been selected for it’s soothing nature.  It’s calming effects on the body and it’s ability to modulate mood, making it the perfect oil to soothe body systems and reliee stress.    




Immune Support

The next 2 oils uses during this segment of the treatment are Melaleuca and On-Guard for their immune support.


Melaleuca 15ml 225x300 Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!



The cleansing ability of Melaleuca is an essential part of the treatment.  Melaleuca essential oil works to support the immune system and aids the body’s return to homeostasis with its cleansing properties.



OnGuard 15ml 225x300 Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!



On-Guard’s cleansing properties are important to the immune support step of this treatment.  On-Guard’s unique proprietary blending of oils incorporating some of nature’s most valuable properties.  Wild Orange along with clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary offer combined power in supporting the body’s immune response to invasive pathogens.


Inflammatory Response

The next 2 essential oils used during this portion of the treatment are AromaTouch and Deep Blue for their ability to reduce inflammation.


AromaTouch 15ml 225x300 Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!



Many individual suffer from both chronic and acute discomfort. AromaTouch is a powerful blend of CPTG essential oils designed to soothe tissue irritaiton and elevate circulation in order to manage discomfort, improve circulation and promote health in damaged tissues while helping to diminish muscle aches, tension, and spasm.  



DeepBlue 5ml 224x300 Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!


Deep Blue contains a potent blend of essential oils that provide cooling relief to aching joints and other discomforts in the body.  Inflammation, as a chronic immune system response, has been shown to cause disease and lowered immunity.  Chronic inflammation can also act as a major body system stressor.  Deep Blue essential oil blend is effective at supporting healthy inflammatory response in the body.




The last 2 essential oils uses in the AromatTouch Technique assist the body in reaching and maintaining a more balanced state of well-being.


WildOrange 15ml 225x300 Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!



Research has shown that citrus oils have the ability to support the body’s immune defense.  Wild orange, like many of the wonderful citrus oils, is also a direct inhibitor of many types of unwanted germs and pathogens in the body.



Peppermint 15ml 225x300 Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!



Peppermint is a highly valuable essential oil.  It is featured in several of the blends used in the AromaTouch Technique for this very reason.  Pepperment’s alleviating and soothing qualities make it effective in balancing the body and addressing systemic stressors.




My Ahh-mazing Experience:

I had read the articles, watched the videos, listened to my friends experience and thought I knew what to expect.  

Boy…was I wrong!  This treatment was un-like anything I have ever experienced.  And remember, I have been a  Massage Therapist for over 15 years…I have experienced a wide variety of treatments.  This was simply an amazing session!!

First off…I don’t remember much.  I totally lost it and was gone…yes…the Massage Therapist that NEVER sleeps during a massage or any other treatment, fell…asleep!  BIG TIME!!

Each section of the AromaTouch Technique is done with 2 oils and various hand strokes.  I seriously remember my dear friend and fellow team member and massage therapist, Maria…applying the first two oils with their accompanying strokes and then beginning to move on to the second set of oils and storkes and then …. nothing!  Maria was waking me up and helping me off the table.

I would say the large part of the population who have tried this treatment have experienced similar results.  To one degree or another.  My take on it??  Our bodies are so inundated with stress and we are so out of balance that these oils when applied as Dr. Hill teaches us…powerfully affect the body and we just…”check out” in a good way.  

All of us that compared notes the next day had varying degrees of profound effects from “the deepest sleep I had ever had”, to “I had the stranges dreams”, to feeling disconnected, disorganized, run through the mill type feelings, to even the simplest WOW feeling.  There was the reaction of  “I feel so light, so refreshed”, to “I have peace” and “There is space now” and as the days have gone by I believe that the healing that was started in these AromaTouch Sessions will only deepen and develop into it’s true healing potential.

This ahh-mazing treatment really does help bring the AHH back into life on so many different levels in so many different ways.

Got Pain? You need AromaTouch!

Got chronic illness? You need AromaTouch!

Got emotional issues? You need AromaTouch!

Got stress? You need AromaTouch!

You need AromaTouch!


To Learn More…Watch this Video:

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Ornamental Rule Lines in Different Design 2 150x44 Ahh roma Touch Technique: Amazing!

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