Herbal Medicine vs. Nutritional Medicine

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Herbal Medicine vs. Nutritional Medicine: How They Stack Up Numerous studies have proven that there is a direct link between poor diet and disease. Because of this, people are taking a second look at what goes into their bodies, including the medicines they take. Many are opting for an herbal or nutritional medicine instead of […]

Essential Oils For Home Wellness

Essential oils provide a fantastic natural alternative to common ailments we see at home. The actions of essential oils are broad, ranging from topical antiseptics and anti-inflammatories to analgesics, digestive system tonics, and anti-depressants. While essential oils should not be a substitute for professional medical care, they can be successfully employed for many minor complaints, […]

Natural Remedies for Arthritis

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 I have OsteoArthritis With my knee injury this year, also came the realization that I have OsteoArthritis.  Slowly my cartilage in both knees are deteriorating.  You may have heard your knees cracking and crunching…that is the beginning.  Mine now like to “Give” out on me and I have developed bone spurs on the edges which […]

8 Pain Management Tips for Arthritis

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Perhaps the hardest part of having arthritis or a related condition is the pain that usually accompanies it. Managing and understanding that pain, and the impact it has on one’s life, is a big issue with most arthritis sufferers. The first step in managing arthritis pain is knowing which type of arthritis or condition you […]

Boosting Your Immunity for Winter

It’s that time of year again where virus and bacteria run a-muck and play havoc on our bodies. The best time to start is now to prepare for the cold and flu season, which is just around the corner. There is no magic bullet in creating a healthy immune system. The best place to start […]

Bacteria in your Gut, Oh MY!

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Bacteria in your colon are referred to by many different names – probiotics, good or bad bacteria, beneficial bacteria, acidophilus, disbiosis, micro flora, proflora. friendly flora, and unfriendly bacteria.  I will simply use good and bad bacteria to refer to all the bacteria that exist in the small intestine and your colon. Your colon has […]

Ayurveda, Body Type & Diet

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What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is the science or knowledge of life, the world’s oldest system of health and well being. In Ayurveda when we refer to beauty, it means a balance of many factors.   Outer perfection is what most we commonly associate with the field of beauty. This includes obvious traits as the contours […]

7 Energy Boosters

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Everyone would like to feel more energetic during the day. You naturally go through periods of higher activity which contrasts with times of relaxation. The problem occurs when more energy and concentration is required than we can give. Or when we try to sleep and can’t. Follow these invaluable tips to a new you! 1) […]

Learn About Health From Your Garden

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Healthy Plants don’t get disease. The same goes for the Human Body. Healthy soil feeds the plants. Just like the body, if the plants get the right nutrients, they will be able to fight off any disease.  When you treat a disease with a chemical, you may kill the disease, but the underlying condition that […]


Everywhere we go we see signs about washing our hands. Germs are everywhere and on everything. If we don’t want to get sick or make others sick then we need to practice thorough hand washing techniques. In order to be able to wash away all dirt and germs we need to thoroughly lather our hands […]