Aromatherapy-Not Just For Women

As we are all aware,  Aromatherapy is nothing new to civilization. However it is unlikely that you will find the word man and aromatherapy in the same sentence. In fact, if you ask most guys what they know of Aromatherapy for men, you would receive a vacant stare in return as they draw blanks in their mental brain index.


aromatherapymen Aromatherapy Not Just For Women

The truth of the matter is,  many properties of Aromatherapy will benefit Men in today’s society. Men are not living in the days of hunter/gathers so the types of stress a man faces today are different compared to tribal days. Not to say that the amount of stress is not similar to hunting or being hunted. I guess it can be summed up that today’s stress is a battle of the mind. When I think of how Aromatherapy has changed my life personally, I reflect on three major benefits that could take place in the life of a man. This article will address the benefits of Aromatherapy for men in today’s modern culture.
I think it would be appropriate to start from the beginning and briefly go over what Aromatherapy actually is, in case any of you guys don’t know. Believe it or not modern Aromatherapy was actually identified in France by a man named Rene Maurice Gattefosse in the 1920’s. Mr. Gattefosse was a chemist and apparently so prone to getting burned in his lab he became somewhat of a authority on burns from his own personal experience. One day as Mr. Gattefosse lit his arm on fire in a panic he doused the flames in a vat of lavender oil. Gattefosse experienced immediate relief from the pain and additionally in the days to come the recovery process was extremely short with minimal scarring. Compared to the previous burns he had experienced he could not deny he was on to something. After the incident Gattefosse dedicated his life to the study of Aromatherapy. So guys, there you go…nothing to be shy about Aromatherapy for men.  It’s totally natural.

The number one benefit that I see for men would be the ability to deal with the stress in modern life.

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Men just naturally carry the whole world and then some on their shoulders.  They have responsibilities, jobs, families, health concerns, you name it…they have it.  And they are carrying these burdens whether we hear about them or not.  So, stress is a BIGGIE with men and following quickly on the heels of stress comes depression.  Yes ladies, we do not have the corner on that market.  A combo blend of Basil and Lemon is a great roller bottle to make for you man.  Basil is able to give you man that second wind of his day…letting go of the stress and helping him to focus and think more clearly on the postive aspects of his life such as his wife and family!

When thinking about Aromatherapy for men think about what it can do for you when you are sick.

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Let’s face it most men turn to kittens when a cold strikes. Believe it or not Aromatherapy can get them back to their “testosterone injected beefcake”  of a man you are used to him being.  Let me introduce you to my little friend…..Eucalyptus oil and peppermint. During a cold or flu this little combo delivers a knockout in clearing the nasal passages. Give it a shot the next time you a feeling sick. Also another amazing essential oil is On-guard, it can get rid of most cold and flu symptoms. .

Aromatherapy for men is also important in the area of skin burns.

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Last but not least…guys are prone to skin burns. A nasty razir burn can be a real bummer. Skin burns are no bueno, a little Lavender oil & Melaleuca combined with a bit of fractionated coconut oil is a great way to get some relief. He may also want to try Bergamot for cold sores combined with Eucalyptus oil providing amazing relief.


Want an added bonus for your guys? My guy is a grease-monkey! From airplanes to cars to motorcycles…you name it, he can and will fix it! Well, with that comes grease and lots of it.  Yes,  Aromatherapy can help him with that too.  2-3 drops of Lemon essential oil on a rag helps to remove grease and grime from tools making them clean and shiney new.  How about using Melaleuca oil and Lemon oil to clean a car battery and shine up those chromes?!!


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Aromatherapy for men in the future will more than likely be more commonplace than it is today. I know from personal experience that it has had a tremendous effect on my man at home after a stressful day. He is able to get through sickness with less misery, it helps him around the garage..yes, the garage, he loves it when I massage his sore and aching back with Deep Blue and he is even getting into the “Manly” diffuser blends too.   Aromatherapy for men…has many uses!

Add 2-3 drops of your man’s favorite blend below to a diffuser placed in his workspace, office or garage:

diffusermen Aromatherapy Not Just For Women

So guys…just remember….Aromatherapy is making your life easier, if you are having trouble getting over the stereotype! icon smile Aromatherapy Not Just For Women

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Ornamental Rule Lines in Different Design 2 150x44 Aromatherapy Not Just For Women

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