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Bronchitis is a condition where air passages into the lungs are inflamed. It can either be chronic or acute. Acute bronchitis is caused by viral infection which begins in the sinuses or nose spreading to the air passages. It can be only considered a chronic bronchitis if the cough progress on the sputum for a minimum of three months within a year. Nevertheless, chronic bronchitis most often affects smokers. In some cases, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is diagnosed.

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Both types of bronchitis display different symptoms:

In acute bronchitis, wheezing, fever, fatigue, sore throat, cough producing mucus, and chest burning sensation are obvious. In chronic bronchitis, wheezing, chronic cough producing excessive mucus, inability to breath, blue-tinged lips, and swelling of the ankle, leg, and feet. Virus causes acute bronchitis as well as bacteria. In general, acute bronchitis can be transmitted from one person to another.

Chronic bronchitis is caused by cigarette smoking and long-term exposure to irritants including grain and dust and air pollution.

The doctor listens to your back and chest, examines your throat, draws blood, and takes cultures of lung secretions during check ups. If there is a possibility of COPD or pneumonia, the doctor can require you to undergo a chest x-ray.

Preventive care must be incorporated to avoid acute and chronic bronchitis. The simplest way is to keep away from irritants and air pollutants. Yearly flu and pneumococcal vaccination is advised to prevent infection leading to chronic bronchitis exacerbation or acute bronchitis.

The treatment approach also varies. Generally, viruses are cleared within seven to ten days in acute bronchitis. You can take cough medications containing expectorants, use humidifiers, and drink lots of fluids to relieve symptoms. Infections due to bacteria must be consulted first to your doctor. It is not recommended to take medicines without proper prescriptions. Most often, the doctors prescribe antibiotics. Others include bronchodilators, like Albuterol which can help in opening your airways and corticosteroids which is inhaled or taken orally to reduce inflammation and mucus.

Changing your lifestyle is also a helpful remedy. You need to stop smoking. If possible, utilize a steam or humidifier in your bathroom. Make it a habit to drink lots of water and other fluids. If your infection is active,…rest. Oxygen therapy at home can be also done if the levels of oxygen in your body are low due to chronic bronchitis.

Dietary and nutrition supplements are also recommended. Food experimentation can be done to see if changing your diet is effective or not in alleviating chronic bronchitis symptoms. Keeping careful records regarding how you feel. Eating dairy products should be lessened to reduce mucus production. Try avoiding milk, eggs, nuts, preservatives, additives, and food coloring. Instead, try adding garlic and onions.

Scientific studies revealed that Zinc supplementation can enhance the activity of your immune system. It also protects you from infections including infections of the upper respiratory system and colds. Other supplements include bromalein, quercetin, vitamin c, and lactobacillus which also prevent the person from catching infections and relieve bronchitis symptoms.

How about HERBAL???

Using herbs is proven to strengthen and treat diseases of many kinds. It’s actually what I turn to FIRST vs. modern medicine.  Here are just a few herbs and how they help:

  • Barberry or berberis vulgaris helps improve immune system functions and fight infections.
  • Eucalyptus or eucalyptus globules is good for helping with common colds and coughs. Eucalyptus oil helps in loosening the phlegm.
  • Peppermint or mentha x piperita may be as effective as other decongestants. It contains menthol, which helps in thinning the mucus similiar to an expectorant. It provides calming and soothing effects for dry coughs and sore throats.
  • Slippery elm or ulmus fulva is recognized by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Authority) as an effective and safe remedy for respiratory symptoms and sore throat.
  • Stinging nettle or urtica dioica also has similiar benefits as expectorants having anti-viral properties.

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Herbal Remedies:

Inhaling eucalyptus oil vapors can reduce pain and loosen mucus. Put 10 drops in a bowl of steaming water and cover head with a towel while breathing in the steam for 10 to 20 minutes. 

Mullein tea is also a time honored remedy for treating bronchitis. Drink a cup three times a day to soothe membranes.

An herbal chest rub can also bring relief. Mix 10 drops each of eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, and thyme or rosemary oil. Add this to one fourth cup of olive oil and gently massage into the throat and chest area. Tea tree oil may be substituted for any of these essential oils.

Calm a bronchitis cough with plantain tea. Plantain is a cough suppressant and fights bacteria. Steep fresh plantain in hot water until cool then drink as needed. Wheezing can be helped with thyme essential oil. Breathe the vapors for a couple of minutes whenever wheezing is present.

Horehound, elecampane, horsetail, hyssop, and anise are also good for lung conditions. They can be made into syrup to soothe irritation and to heal lung damage. Elecampane is considered a good expectorant and lung tonic. It is restorative and warming which benefits weak lungs.

White horehound relaxes the bronchi and eases congestion. Take an infusion, tincture, syrup, or suck on horehound candy. Horehound can be combined with elecampane, angelica, or hyssop for excellent results.

Cowslip is another powerful expectorant good for loosening old phlegm and easing dry coughs. Take a decoction, tincture, or syrup and combine with bloodroot or licorice for extra strength.

Thyme is useful as an antiseptic and expectorant for phlegm and dry difficult cough. Take an infusion, tincture, or syrup and combine with mulberry bark or horsetail. Thyme is also excellent in a chest rub when mixed with hyssop or peppermint.

A cough syrup can be made by combining chopped onion with a half cup of honey. Leave on low heat for an hour and strain. Take 1 tablespoon every two hours. Cayenne , ginger, ginseng, or bayberry may be added for extra strength.

Homemade Horehound Candy

2 oz. dried horehound leaves (or 6 oz fresh)

3 C. Very Hot Water

3 1/2 lbs Brown Sugar

2 tsp. Peppermint Extract


Pour very hot water over the horehound. Steep 30 minutes, while keeping on low heat. Strain.

Add sugar and dissolve. Bring to a boil and continue boiling until mixture reaches 295F (brittle candy stage).

Add peppermint, then drop mixture quickly on a buttered board, half a teaspoon at a time.

*You could toss in powdered sugar when cool – optional



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Ornamental Rule Lines in Different Design 2 150x44 Bronchitis Remedies

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