Basil: The Italian Summer Herb

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    When a recipe calls for basil, it generally means sweet basil.  The wonderfully fragrant and useful summer herb with an italian geneology.  This herb has a complex flavor; combining clove, cinnamon, camphor, anise, citrus and mint.  Can you taste them all?  It’s much more complex than the label “basil” would lead you to […]

Bronchitis Remedies


Bronchitis is a condition where air passages into the lungs are inflamed. It can either be chronic or acute. Acute bronchitis is caused by viral infection which begins in the sinuses or nose spreading to the air passages. It can be only considered a chronic bronchitis if the cough progress on the sputum for a […]

DIY MIracle Healing Salve

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Day One Gear is back with another outstanding DIY post, please check out their site HERE! For the past six weeks, I have been exploring alternatives to over-the-counter ointments, salves, and beauty products.  Not only are these products expensive, but as I have learned time and time again, they don’t always work.   Starting with […]

Herbal Remedies: Sinus Congestion


Sinus Congestion Sinus congestion can come from many different problems.  Common causes are viral or bacterial infections, but also allergy and irritation from air borne substances too.  This time of year, my allergies are in FULL swing.   And with our winds kicking in…well, that’s double trouble! If your feeling all stuffy, congested and you […]

Got Heartburn…drink tea!

Do you suffer from heartburn? I surely do, at least lately. I am sure it’s partly my fault; the food I am eating or the drink I am drinking. But it is also something we suffer from as we get a little older too.  And when us gals get on the other side of Menopause! […]

Herbal Remedies: Bladder Infections

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 Bladder Infections From personal experience, I know that Bladder Infections can be quite horrendous!  I suffered once with one so badly and for so long before I was rushed to the hospital, I literally felt like I was going to die.  Melodramatic? Possibly, but at the time it was truly the worse  pain I had […]

Herb Gardening Basics

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One of the most appealing things anyone will learn about herb gardening is how relaxing and simple growing herbs can be. Discovering all the wonderful, various herbs and what they do is a captivating pastime, and can be quite beneficial. You can use herbs for cooking, as medicinal aids such as topical dressings or healthy […]

Herbal Remedies: Stress

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Stress  If we could look beyond the symptoms of many physical ailments to the core of what is really wrong…we would most likely find…stress! Even when it is not the cause, stress usually aggravates the condition.  Stress has such a powerful effect because of what it does to the body.  When we sense danger, our […]

Amazing Herbal Salve

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Salve making is one of the pleasures of being an Herbalist! That and…making tinctures, making infusions, making ointments…you get the idea! Salves are extremely easy to make and the beauty of them is that YOU can craft them to suit your particular needs or ailments of the week.  You can use essential oils in them […]

Herbal Remedies:Heartburn & Indigestion


Heartburn and Indigestion Heartburn We all have heartburn at one time or another in our lives.  When we eat too much as a kid (eyes bigger than our tummys), when we eat something that disagrees with us…although we love it, which is why we eat it!  When we’re pregnant, everything is pushing against everything else […]