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Hayfever, it’s more than just itchies and sneezies in the spring…it strikes in late summer too!!  I have hayfever really bad at the end of summer/beginning of fall due to RAGWEED!! And according to WebMD, I’m not alone. “Odds are you’re among the 10% to 30% of Americans who suffer from hay fever, or allergic rhinitis. And most cases of hay fever are caused by an allergy to fall pollen from plants belonging to the genus Ambrosia — more commonly known as ragweed.”

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Up front and center stage, Ragweed is the star of fall allergies!

All about Ragweed

There are 17 different species of ragweed in the United States and these plants are most common in the rural areas of the Eastern states and Midwest, but are found throughout the U.S.

Ragweed is the most common culprit in fall allergies. It starts spreading up to 1 billion pollen grains per plant in mid-August, and the grains are so light that they float easily even on gentle breezes. Pollen has been detected as far as 400 miles out to sea and up to two miles up in the atmosphere Another culprit is the mold that grows under piles of fallen leaves. If you do have allergies, at least it’s an excuse to avoid yard work!

“The reality is that there is not a corner of the country where there is no ragweed pollen,” says Christine B. Franzese, MD.  If that sounds bad, things may soon get even worse. Studies show that rising temps and carbon dioxide may extend the season even further….in most parts of the country, the season used to start in mid-August and run through September; now it seems to begin from the first of August through mid-October.


Hay Fever Triggers:

Hay fever doesn’t mean you’re allergic to hay. Despite its name, hay fever is almost never triggered by hay, and it doesn’t cause a fever. Hay fever apparently got it’s name because so many people are allergic to pollen from hay and grasses.

Seasonal triggers include:

  • Tree pollen, common in the spring
  • Grass pollen, common in the late spring and summer
  • Ragweed pollen, common in the fall
  • Spores from fungi and molds, which can be worse during warm-weather months

Year-round triggers include:

  • Dust mites or cockroaches
  • Dander (dried skin flakes and saliva) from pets, such as cats, dogs or birds
  • Spores from indoor and outdoor fungi and molds


Allergic Reaction:

Allergic reactions occur when our immune systems mistakes an innocent substance such as pollen for a threat and attacks it.  When an attack occurs, several substances, including histamines, are released; these substances produce inflammation and make your sinuses run and your eyes tear.

More symptoms of Ragweed allergy include sneezing; runny or stuffy nose; itchy throat or inside of ears; hives; and swollen eyelids and itchy eyes. This is often called hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis. Some people also develop asthma symptoms,such as coughing, wheezing, and trouble breathing.

hay fever Herbal Remedies: Hayfever


Herbal Help for Hayfever:

Natural antihistamines such as Chamomile, Peppermint, Ginger, Anise and Feverfew are excellent to include in your Anti-Allergy Program.  Let’s look at some teas, tinctures and pills that will be of big help to us during this time.

1.  To relieve congestion and sneezing:  Elder Flowers and Yarrow are great herbs to relieve these symptoms.  Echinacea and Chamomile help to decrease the congestion and slow allergic reactions.  My homemade Nasal Inhaler and Sinus Congestion Tea will work wonders and help with these symptoms!

Nasal Inhaler

1/4 tsp. Coarse Salt

5 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Place salt in a small vial (try and use glass) with a tight lid and add oil. The salt will absorb the oil.  When needed, open the vial and inhale deeply.

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Sinus Congestion Tea

Sinus Congestion Tea

1 tsp. Each: Yarrow flowers, Elder flowers, Peppermint leaves, Elecampane root

1 Qt. Boiling Water

Pour boiling water over herbs and steep for at least 20 minutes in a covered container.  Strain out herbs.  Drink tea a few times a day or every half hour when severely congested.  Can be taken as a tincture or pill form.

That’s a look at getting rid of your symptoms…how about prevention??

 Let’s look at 3 chinese herbs that can be used to improve the immune system which in turn helps prevent allergy symptoms.

1.  Siberian Ginseng – This herb is a good choice as an immune herb as it also clears bronchial passages, reduces inflammation and counters fatigue.

2.  Don Quai – Chinese herbalist have for a very long time used this herb to treat allergies, especially those related to the lungs.  This multi-purpose drug reduces the number of antibodies manufactured by your immune system and fewer antibodies mean less reaction to allergic substances like pollen.

3.  Chinese Skullcap – This herb cuts down on the swelling and puffiness caused by allergies.  It also helps improve liver functions.

A combination of herbs and vitamins are usually a one-two punch.  Rose hips, which are high in vitamin C could help detoxify irritating allergens and pantothenic acid (100-200 milligrams daily) will help support our adrenal glands.

Hay Fever Preventive Tincture

1/2 tsp. EACH tinctures of: Siberian Ginseng root, Nettle leaves, Elder flowers, Peppermint leaves, Chinese Skullcap

 Combine all herbal tinctures together.  Take 1/2 a dropper-full at least 5X a day. It is better to start when you experience the earliest signs of hay fever.

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Hay Fever Preventative Tincture

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.

- William Blake



Mayo Clinic



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Ornamental Rule Lines in Different Design 2 150x44 Herbal Remedies: Hayfever

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