5 Reasons to Ditch the Clutter

You know what the real problem is with getting organized? We have too much stuff! I’m willing to bet you have some things you (or someone you live with) keep without having a good enough reason. So why DO we keep so much stuff? The thing is, it’s easier to find excuses for why you […]

Your Clean & Un-cluttered Casa

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 Is your house so messy you can never find what you’re looking for? Are you often late for work because you can never find your car keys? These tips will help save time and keep you more organized. Keep things in a place that makes sense. Drop your keys in a dish by the front […]

The Cast-offs

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How many clothes do you have in your closet…right now? Come on, be honest here…a few, a lot, a ton?   My question is this: If you value something so much…then don’t you think you should be wearing it, let’s cast-off the old and make room for the new! The reality is we are a […]

Your Plan of Action

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Get Everyone on the Same Page One of the first things to do when you decide to get more organized is to get everyone on the same page. Whether it’s your family, your work colleagues, or others that you deal with on a daily basis, you can ensure that everyone works together to create more […]

Stay Organized – Avoid Distractions

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We have never been so productive, so busy and at the same time so distracted. Throughout history there have always been issues that have prevented us from doing what we set out to do. But, it’s never been as hard as it is today. Technology has its benefits and rewards, but it also has its […]

Realistic Goal Setting

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I love setting goals, or at least I love the IDEA of setting goals! I just get a little lost between haveing the desire to set goals and actually doing the setting of them.  If your anything at all like me, then the following tips may be of help.  Maybe Create Realistic Goals – One of […]

Preserving the Bounty Giveaway

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Many of us in the homestead, natural life style and prepper blogging communities are well versed in the methods used to preserve fresh food. In fact we are so passionate about eating fresh food all year long that we want to help others learn to preserve food too. A group of us got together to […]

How to Can Homemade Marinara Sauce

This is a post by contributing author: Daisy from The Organic Prepper   I totally lucked out and got 15 pounds of end-of-season organic tomatoes last week.  My daughter was thrilled when she saw them because she knew exactly what that meant….homemade marinara sauce. A note: end-of-season tomatoes don’t look as smooth and lovely as […]

Essential Cleaning Naturally

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Do I like my home to smell clean, fresh and, well….clean?  Yes-I-do!!  But not at the expense of have chemical cleaners and toxins spread all around my home.  And you know that I am all into simple here.  And frankly, there is nothing more simple and powerful in a natural way than essential oils. Essential […]

Homesteader Chit Chat #4

Welcome back to another installment of Homesteader Chit Chat! Today we have the privledge of talking with Kristi from The Mind to Homestead.  She’s jut a hop, skip and jump away from me…pull up a seat with a cup of herbal tea and enjoy! Please go show Kristi some Simply Living Simply love and visit […]